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First Meeting

We will discuss everything from budget to house plans to ensure all your questions are answered and that we are both on the same page.


Setting Your Budget

Once we gather everything you want in your home, we will put together and present a plan that fits your budget. At this time, we can talk about if that is still within your budget, more than you want to spend, or if you would like to increase your budget.



First things first. Permits are the first step in getting the building process started. We will file for a construction permit in the parish that your property is in. Once we receive the permit, we will take the necessary steps to ensure your property is set-up to build on, which includes ensuring proper drainage is in order.


The Build Begins

Now for the exciting part. You get to see your dream home come to life. We will guide you throughout the build and let you know when things need to be done, such as when to purchase certain items.


Construction Complete

Congratulations! Your new dream home is complete. In this last step, we will go over any additions or credits you may have. We will handle all the smaller, punch-list items to ensure your home is ready to move in. Lastly, we provide the homeowners with a certificate of completion, certificate of occupancy, and a copy of the homeowner’s warranty.


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